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“Millie’s unapologetic battle against sexism is inspiring, and Tag’s reckoning with his privilege is heartening… An unusual, thought-provoking take on advocating for oneself and others.” —Kirkus (That’s Debatable)

*“In her YA debut, Doll skillfully integrates three alternating voices—especially Doris, with her gift for finding things—in a story threaded through with relationships and identities lost and found.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review * (Unclaimed Baggage)

A magnificent gem of a story...a dense, rich, and powerfully beautiful story. A quintessential Southern Novel for Teens, bordering on Gothic, but still managing to leave the reader with a sense of wonder and optimism.” —NPR (Unclaimed Baggage)

An infectious story about friendship, politics, and falling in (and out) of love.” —Entertainment Weekly (Unclaimed Baggage)

“Plenty of emotional baggage is unpacked in alternating narrative style in this deceptively weighty novel, particularly between Doris and Grant, who have a history together that rings true to the way peer dynamics often play out in small, insular communities... Teens who favor realistic fiction will find much to like here.” —Kirkus (Unclaimed Baggage)

Jen Doll’s big-hearted YA debut... Doll breezily alternates among the voices of her likable characters as they move toward new discoveries, new romance and unexpected adventure.” —The New York Times Book Review (Unclaimed Baggage)

“Doll’s own story — a good one — lays out a disruptive new path...” —New York Times Book Review (Save the Date)

“A smart examination of just how weird weddings can be when put under the microscope... The ultimate wedding party favor is a good story. Doll has several." —Time (Save the Date)

“A meditation on the marriage ceremony and on how, by bearing witness, we shape our perspectives on love, friendship, and commitment... Advice anyone seated at the singles table can take to heart.” —Entertainment Weekly (Save the Date)

An endearingly funny memoir of the writer’s vast experience watching other people get married—and the lessons she’s learned about love, friendship, and herself.” —O, The Oprah Magazine (Save the Date)

“With humor and honesty … Doll offers a refreshing take on society’s evolving ideas on marriage and the importance of knowing oneself.” —Publishers Weekly (Save the Date)

“Doll is an engaging guide through the landscape of modern-day courtship and nuptials.” —Booklist (Save the Date)

“A thoughtful meditation on the institution of marriage… A great book to pack for the plane ride to that friend’s destination wedding… [a] fun rumination on love, marriage, and adult friendship.” —Library Journal (Save the Date)