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Press & Media

John Wells Inks 9-Figure Warner Bros. Deal, Sets Expansive 13-Show Slate
JUNE 20, 2019
Joe Lawson (Shameless) will adapt Jen Doll’s novel that is set in a conservative small Southern town and follows three teens with different backgrounds as they work summer jobs at a shop called Unclaimed Baggage, where they catalog and sell other people’s lost luggage. Together, through friendship, they find that they can unpack their own emotional baggage and move into the future.

Sweet Home Alabama?: A New YA Novel Explores The Inner Lives Of Teenagers
     SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
I spoke to Kristin Iversen at Nylon about Unclaimed Baggage, the power of YA, and how books can make us better people.

"'Unclaimed Baggage' Is The Quintessential Southern Novel For Teens"
     SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
Jumping up and down over this incredible review from NPR and Alethea Kontis.

An Interview With Publishers Weekly!
     AUGUST 1, 2018
Jen Doll’s YA debut novel comes out in September, but she’s been thinking about YA for a lot longer than she’s been writing it. Doll wrote the YA for Grownups column in the Atlantic Wire, and in 2013 she wrote a much-cited article for New York magazine defending adults who read YA and explaining what she likes about it. Unclaimed Baggage combines heavy themes (racism, sexism, addiction) with romance, mystery, and a deep sense of place as it tells the story of three teens in small-town Alabama who spend a summer working at a store that sells, as the title suggests, the contents of suitcases that go unclaimed at airports. Jen spoke with PW from her home in Brooklyn about how her feelings for YA have evolved, sexism, and why she loves summer.

Real Simple calls Unclaimed Baggage one of "The Best Young Adult Books We’ve Ever Read"
     JULY 17, 2018 
"This is the contemporary YA novel I wish I could have read during my teen years. It centers on three outcasts—a liberal in a conservative town, a new girl in town, and a star football player with a drinking problem—who take a job at a store that sells items from luggage left at airports. It explores what it means to be an outsider and the power of friendship." --Elizabeth Sile, Senior Editor, Features